Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Capture The Colour

The challenge - to find five of your own images that best represent the five colours; red, blue, green, yellow, and white. 

As many of you are aware I love trying to capture the spirit of a location/town/city through a simple image. I love having the space and time to wander streets with my camera in hand and attempt to find an image that not only is beautiful to look at but provokes the feeling of what it is like to be there at that point in time.

I recently found out about the Capture the Colour photo contest run by Travel Supermarket, and thought I would flick through my travel photos of the past couple of years to find the images that best represent the colour categories. Not only did I want to find photos that represented the colours, but also that represented the variety of places visited recently.

It is such a wonderful concept. I am often fascinated how different cities and countries have different colour charts. One of the main interests in terms of colour, for me, is to compare the different types of greens or yellows (for example) in each country and although this challenge only wanted one photo of each colour it is still a great way to remind myself of how colour can depict a place. For example when thinking of London many people will have images of red pop through their head with the telephone boxes (as displayed below), double-decker busses and tube signs... or when thinking of Greece you may well think of bright white of buildings contrasting to the intense blue sky.

To be honest after going through all of my photos (I mean ALL of them) I am amazed by how many options I have for blue and green! Very challenging to narrow it down. White was much more challenging, I didn't just want to go down my black and white photography rout, but there are little images that really focus on the colour white.

If for nothing else this was simply an excuse for me to get out the photo albums and reminisce...


Wandering the business centre of the city of London, 2012


This is a photo of an exquisite handblown Murano glass sculpture on the island of Murano, Venice, Italy 2011. 


The natural greens of the Irish countryside, the county of Donegal, 2013


A lone traveler wanders the countryside with his kite at dawn just across from Stone Henge, England, 2011 


Jim Campbell's art instilation Scattered Lights at the 2013 Perth International Arts Festival

As well as submitting my images, I am required to ask five favourite fellow travel bloggers to enter.
I know the competition is almost closed (October 9th) but I do hope my nominated bloggers give it a go! I very much look forward to seeing their work. If you want to join in the fun visit the official website here.


What colour speaks to you?


  1. WOW! Incredible photos!

    I might have to try this for myself!