Saturday, 5 October 2013

Mary St Bakery

Ah weekend breakfasts!

Given I work virtually 7 days a week, the term "weekend" doesn't often mean very much and usually lazy breakfasts aren't limited to specific days. This week however there was time to be somewhat more traditional and join many other Perth locals on the their quest to start the day with good food and great company.

Today Claire and I hit one of Beaufort Street's newest cafes, Mary Street Bakery.
Located on the corner of Mary St and Beaufort in Highgate this new kid on the block is quickly gaining a name for itself as a must try.

With simple un-opposing school style furniture and friendly staff, this bakery come cafe has a really lovely vibe. People bustle in an out as they wait around for a free table whilst the happily chatting breakfast-goers continue munching away, or head straight to the back to the bakery to purchase their fresh bread and scrumptious baked treats.

Although it includes the good old eggs and toast combination ("if it ain't broke don't try fix it" right?), the menu isn't full of all your typical breakfast options. Choices range from boiled eggs with buttered soldiers and chipotle chutney to the more "unusual" duck filled pancake with shitake and hoi sin sauce.
But I guess as the menu is open until 3pm one could say they are more breakfast come lunch options.

We spent the morning gossiping about work, irritating clients and our travel dreams over good coffee and great food.

While I felt like being simple and went for slow cooked eggs on buttered toast...

Claire opted for crispy thick cut pork bell, beans, fried egg with kimchi.

Given we were in a bakery, and were surrounded by delicious looking baked treats we couldn't go past trying something so decided to demolish a fresh doughnut between the two of us. So worth it!

I think it is worth quickly mentioning the coffee. Mary Street are proudly using Pound coffee beans, a new local roaster who are gaining high praise for their produce. Many of you will be shocked to know that I don't actually drink coffee... I live off tea... I did however give the job of coffee reviewer to Claire who gave it a big thumbs up!

As mentioned, the bakery found at the back of the cafe is full of a large selection of fresh bread and baked treats including croissants, brownies, rhubarb bread and butter puddings and muffins. 

If we weren't quite so full I am sure we would have left with armfuls of goodies to take home.

If you are looking for somewhere with a relaxed fresh atmosphere to eat and people watch, or if you simply are looking for somewhere to get fresh bread then give why not Mary Street Cafe a try. 

I spent the afternoon with friends performing as part of a string quartet at an incredibly sweet wedding located at the Core Cider House in Pickering Brook. Unfortunately it was bucketing down with rain meaning the couple couldn't take advantage of the beautiful grounds. Instead the ceremony was held in one of the working sheds creating real rustic charm.

I am sure I will be up that way again in the not too distant future and will take on the terrible job of taste testing and will be sure to share my findings with you all. If you get the chance to beat me too it though, hit the hills and head to the Core, for good food and even better cider!

With the downpour cleaning the air for a fresh October evening, I couldn't resist stopping to take yet another photo of this spectacular view! I don't think this sight will ever get old.

Where is your favourite breakfast spot? 

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