Sunday, 13 October 2013

Movie Night Snacks!

For the next couple of weeks I am playing in an opera production of Mark Adamo's Little Women. It is always great to play in productions like this, but I always forget just how mentally and physically demanding operas are to play! As I got a night off tonight, and it will be the last for a while, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a restful movie night with the family. 

I of course then spent the afternoon researching appropriate movie snacks and came up with these little wonders. Spice roasted chickpeas. 

Not only are they incredibly easy and cheap to make, they are much healthier than your regular movie treats and are full of flavour!

I guess you could say that the soundtrack to my recipe today was my own performance of Schubert's Arpeggione Sonata for Viola (accompanied by my lovely housemate Adrian!). I have a solo recital coming up and have discovered that using baking time for recipes as the start of my practice session is a great way to ensure I get the work done! It is just enough time to get stuck into the work so that once the cooking process is done and your goodies are out of the oven you are thriving to continue. Perfect really - Baked yummies and beautiful music with productive practice. 

Anyway, down to business! Grab yourself a tin or of chickpeas. 
Drain and rinse before leaving to dry on a tea-towel. 

Be sure to let them dry completely as it will allow the spices to stick better. 

What is great about this recipe is that it isn't really a recipe. You can just use it as a basic idea, and adjust as you like. Experimenting with different amounts of each spice or with different flavours. 

Once your chickpeas are dry, preheat your oven to a hot 220degrees Celsius. 

Place your chickpeas onto a lined baking tray and spray/drizzle with oil. 
I then continued to sprinkle on roughly a teaspoon of ground garlic, a teaspoon of paprika, 1/2 a teaspoon of ground cumin, 1/2 cajun pepper for a kick (you could also use ground chilli) and a good helping of salt and pepper. 

Toss the chickpeas to make sure they are evenly coated with the spice mix before popping into your oven. 

Roast for 15mins before mixing well and placing the tray back into the oven for another 20-30mins. Be careful at this stage, check and toss regularly to be sure that they don't burn. You want them to become dry and crisp so the longer in the oven the better. 

As I said, this is just more like a guide. I wasn't strict with measurements so go wild and experiment with flavours! 

Alongside these I also made a small bowl of roasted parmesan peas. 
On a lined baking try I placed a handful of cooked washed and dried peas, top with a large helping of freshly grated parmesan. Sprinkle with a good pinch of sea salt and place into a 200degrees Celsius oven for roughly 15mins. 

This recipe can also work (probably better) with soya or broad beans. 

And there you have it! A great healthy addition to the snack table anytime of day. 
Tip the mix into a bowl and place on the table for all to enjoy.

I would like to point out that the traditional popcorn and chocolate was also on the snack table tonight... But honestly, what is a movie night without the popcorn tradition? 

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