Monday, 18 November 2013

Milan - A Snap Shot

Today I thought I would take the opportunity to show you some of my favourite images of Milan.
A city that has 26 centuries of history yet, in many eyes, represents the 'new' Italy. With its shiny shop facades and designer labels splattered through the centre of town, this city is the countries main industrial, commercial and financial centre. 

A dear friend of mine moved to Milan last year to pursue her studies. Since then I have now visited Milan twice. The first time to help her set up and become comfortable in this new daunting city, and the second this August simply to say hi. 

My journeys to Milan haven't be without hiccups, but I am pleased to have made them and to have had the opportunity to experience the city of fashion, design, finance, football and opera. 

To be honest, Milan isn't any where near my favourite places in the world. On the surface I feel somewhat uninspired by the city. I find it very industrial and feel that its fast pace of life creates distance from the locals making it difficult to feel comfortable or at home. In many ways it simply doesn't have the shimmer that I long for when dreaming about Italy. 

The flavour and beauty of Italy, however, is still present you just have to search a little harder. 

With a gelato in hand, you must walk off the tourist rout to the lesser known streets and discover boutiques, important art galleries and the smaller churches. 

Besides, the grander of the Duomo (5th largest cathedral in the world with no less than 3159 statues!) the exquisite La Scala, castles and Da Vinci paintings and architecture dotted around the place there are exquisite sights in Milan that are well worth the visit.  

What are your travel stories of Milan?

Hope you have had a lovely weekend!!

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